Wodyetia bifurcata “Foxtail Palm” ثعلب النخيل

Max Height: 8-12m


Origin: Australia

Family: Arecaceae/ Palmae

Common Name: Foxtail Palm

Flower Colour: White

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Salinity Tolerance: Medium

Sun Tolerance: High

Wind Tolerance: Medium

Water Requirement: Low

PH level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: High

Disease Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Slow

Fragrance: No

500 AED - 1000 AED (*exclusive of VAT)
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Categories: Indoor PalmsPalms
Tags: Foxtail Palm, Wodyetia bifurcata, ثعلب النخيل


Wodyetia bifurcata

Wodyetia bifurcata or Foxtail Palm ثعلب النخيل is endemic to a remote area of the Cape York Peninsula in the Melville Range of Queensland, where it grows in monsoonal and rocky scrubland on sandy soils at elevations to 1200 feet. The common name of foxtail palm alludes to the plumose leaves. The species is endangered in its restricted native habitat because of the heretofore rampant collection of its seeds for ornamental horticulture.


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